Can Flowers Make You Happy?

Can flowers make you happy? Pressed Flower Jewellery

 Flowers For Gifting

Everyone loves receiving flowers as a gift on holidays, birthdays and well just because…. There is something to be said for the instant mood lift that comes when you receive flowers from someone you love. 

This is because there is actually a psychology of flowers that have been tested in studies, showing the connection between flowers and emotions. Have you ever received a bouquet of flowers or passed through a beautiful garden full of blooms and asked yourself, "why do flowers make me happy?" Interestingly enough, there is a rather scientific answer to this question. 

Gifting flowers - making people happy


One study of flowers and happiness revealed there are behavioural and emotional responses to receiving flowers, showing that flowers are one of the most natural and healthy ways to help regulate moods. 

Flowers and emotions have a direct link, as they seem to have an immediate impact on a person's mood. The immediate boost of mood can be seen in a recipient's response when they receive a floral gift, showing delight and gratitude in equal measure.


In the studies, the reaction was the same across age groups. So whether you are young or young at heart, flowers are for you!

flowers make you happy


Gifting Flowers - The Benefits

Besides just being a nice gift, giving flowers for health and happiness is something you may feel long after the flowers fade. Participants in studies reported feeling less anxious and in a generally better mood after receiving flowers, lasting well past the day of receipt. 

The psychology of flowers extends well past simply receiving them in bouquet form. Gifting flowers in other ways, such as pressed flower jewellery may offer a similar effect.  A beautiful rose necklace for an anniversary gift.  A sweet daisy pendant on a chain for a birthday.  

jewellery made from flowers


Not only does the recipient get all of the delight and joy of receiving flowers, but they can also enjoy them long after the period it would take for flowers in a vase to wilt and die. 

In the form rose or daisy jewellery, popular flowers can be presented in the form of flower jewellery that can be worn again and again. Elegant earrings, rings and pendant necklaces that are ready to gift, give joy and make a thoughtful gift.  Perfect for a day out or night on the town.

Flowers as gifts


We offer unique flower earrings, rings, and necklaces for you to choose from, giving you plenty of options when it comes to accessorising with the beauty of nature.

Flowers are unique, and so, too, is the jewellery that is made from them. 

Flowers are known to bring positive emotions to those who look at them, not just for those who wear them.  Sure to bring a smile to not just your own face but for those you pass on the street. 


View the jewellery in our Pressed Flowers collection. Reconnect with the beauty and timeless elegance of flowers.  What will be your favourite floral piece of art?  


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