How to store your Jewelry safely

Storing jewelry safely

How to Store Your Jewelry Safely

After you’ve bought a piece of jewelry that you adore, it’s essential that you properly take care of it. Our pieces are made from real flowers pressed and dried before being cast in sterling silver — so we want to emphasize the importance of properly storing your handcrafted jewelry. Here are some storing jewelry ideas, so every piece in your collection is handled with love and care:

Jewelry Bags

The sulfur that’s found in the air tarnishes silver, so it’s best to store your jewelry away when you’re not wearing it. You should consider purchasing small jewelry bags that will limit the amount of sulfur each piece is exposed to. Please ensure that every item has its own bag to avoid scratching! 

We love the little velvet pouches, but you can also little biodegradable plastic bags, which is a particularly cost effective solution if you have many pieces of jewelry.

Velvet jewelry storage bags

 Store Somewhere Cool and Dark

The sun and heat exposure could potentially cause damage to your precious jewelry. It’s also best to avoid moisture when you can, so storing your jewelry somewhere safe requires finding a dark and cool place. We recommend finding a cute little jewelry box that you love — this will keep your jewelry dry and safe from any external environments that could potentially cause harm with extended exposure.

I have some items that I wear everyday on a tray so they are ready to pick up and wear when I need them.

Silver jewelry stored on a tray

For my statement pieces that I wear less often but still like to have on display I have this lovely glass and rose gold box.

rose gold and glass jewelry box

 And for those pieces that I wear regularly but maybe not every day I have a cute little trinket box.

Tinket box with silver earrings

Please don’t forget to bag your jewelry individually before placing the pieces inside the box for extra protection.

 Anti-tarnishing Strips to keep jewelry sparkling

One of the best ways to protect your jewelry when storing it is to find anti-tarnishing strips and place them inside your jewelry bags or box. These are small black strips that absorb the harmful sulfur before it can reach your precious pieces!

Silver storage anti tarnishing strips

 When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your jewelry, storing each piece properly is of the utmost importance. We want you to be able to wear our pieces forever — because you look so wonderful in them!


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