How To Take The Perfect Jewellery Selfie

How to take the perfect jewelry selfie

How To Take The Perfect Jewelry Selfie

In a world that is ruled by social media, showcasing yourself and your fabulous jewelry on Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms out there, is a must!

Instagram is filled with captivating photos and exciting videos that aim to truly hold the attention of the millions of individuals that use the app on a daily basis. 

Whether you are trying to become a fashion influencer or just want to show off some new bling that you have recently splurged on, perfecting your jewelry pictures will take your Instagram to the next level!

Wondering how you can take top-notch photos of your jewelry that are Instagram-worthy?

We’ve got all of the best and top tips for you to utilize while taking your next jewel-filled picture.

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Here are the best tips for how to take the perfect jewelry selfie!

 Make sure that the lighting in your picture is perfect


Jewellery selfie of silver earrings


The lighting within your picture plays a very important role in deciding whether or not it will make a statement when you post it onto your Instagram feed!

With the perfect amount of light shining into your photo, you will be able to truly portray just how beautiful your new bling is!

The best times throughout the day for incredible picture taking lighting is an hour after the sun rises and an hour before the sun sets.

If this does not suit, a cloudy day is perfect as the clouds act like a big soft filter for the harsh sunlight.  Try taking your photo next to a window as the sun sets for a magical evening warm glow.

I've taken these photos on my stair case, the light is great at all times of the day.

Don't forget, you could always use an Airbrush app for makeup filters and editing out blemishes too.


Gorgeous silver jewellery selfie

Sometimes you can use the light and shadows to take a more artistic shot.  Above you can see the direct sunlight shapes.


Pick a stimulating and striking environment to take your picture in

Picking out certain pieces of jewelry that will perfectly complement the outfit that you are wearing is an absolute must!

The same is said for the environment in which you are going to take your jewelry filled Instagram pictures in. 

If you are a bit stuck for gorgeous inspiring backgrounds, and to be honest, lockdown has been a little restrictive for many people. 

Why not add some graphic elements in Canva? Below I have added some romantic roses to my image.


adding graphic elements to jewelry selfie


Combining an extravagant background with your beautiful new jewelry is a sure fire way to receive tons of attention on social media.

Whether you are outside surrounded by nature or in a chic coffee shop, you can always find the perfect spot to snap a shot of your dazzling trinkets.


Cropping can make or break your image

When cropping your selfie shot be careful not to crop and cut off your joints, example knees, elbows, wrists. This will end up looking odd.

It is much more pleasing to the eye to crop mid limb, for example between the wrist and the elbow.  If taking selfies of your new necklace. be sure to keep the chin in the photo.

Another helpful tip is to keep your fingernails in the photo if taking pictures of your hands wearing rings.


Taking photos of your hands



Style your jewelry in a unique and distinctive way

Accurately styling and showing off your jewelry through your photos is a must if you want your photos to stand out amongst the rest of the content that is displayed on Instagram on a minute-by-minute basis!

By accurately positioning your jewelry pieces to strategically being the center of attention, you are naturally allowing viewers to draw their eyes right to the most important part of the picture. 

Let’s say you just got a brand new ring. To accurately style your new bling, try snapping a photo of it still perfectly wrapped up in its box or you can wear the ring while holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers! 


jewelry selfie ring


Try to keep your hand shape soft and natural. If you have a tense hand, that will just look awkward!

Correctly showing off your jewelry and styling it in a unique and fashionable way will allow you to produce Instagram worthy photos every single time.


Taking a jewelry selfie


Purchasing jewelry that you absolutely love is always exciting! Even more exciting is showing off these pieces to the world through Instagram.

Follow our tips to take the perfect pictures that will truly show off and enhance your brand new jewelry photos!

 Come on over to Instagram and say hello!


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