Jewellery Photography - Look Your Best With These Lighting Tips

Jewelry photography, look your best with our lighting tips


Unsure of how to get the best lighting for photos? Check out these tips to showcase yourself and your jewellery in natural light!

What is good photo lighting?

Jewellery photographed in soft light


Whatever you’re trying to show off on camera--whether it’s a gorgeous flower ring or just your sparkling smile--make sure you shoot photos in good lighting. The most flattering photo lighting is soft, natural, and neutral. 

The Importance of Soft Lighting 

Soft lighting is natural light without bright rays of sun or dark shadows. It’s important to take photos in soft light because it is the most flattering and welcoming to the eye. The best time to capture your photos in soft light is two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset. These times are known as “blue hour” and “golden hour,” and have a beautiful effect on photos! 

If you must photograph in the middle of a bright and sunny day, try taking your shoot to the shade. Cloudy days are ideal because they always offer soft light. Avoid using flash or direct sunlight, unless that’s part of your artistic vision of course!

How to Get Natural Light Inside 

Jewelry photographed near the window

Not able to shoot outdoors? No problem! To find natural light inside, start by turning artificial lights off and finding some rays of sun by a window. Natural light filtered from outside will accentuate your best features and allow your jewellery to shine. Make sure you stay away from bright spot lights to avoid harsh pictures and discolorations. 

The Importance of Neutral Lighting

Take your pictures to the next level by combining natural light with neutral light. Neutral light comes from the reflection of surfaces around you. Even if you don’t use a neutral color background, it’s important to stay close to white or grey surfaces to ensure natural-looking undertones. Believe it or not, standing in a room with colourful walls or on top of grass can bounce unwanted colours onto the photo subject! 

How Can I Manipulate the Light?

Don’t worry, you won’t need fancy equipment in order to control the lighting of your photo shoot! If you’re shooting inside but the lighting around you is too harsh, it’s time to get creative. You can use whatever white paper or translucent white sheet you have at home to diffuse bright light from a window and get a natural glow. If shadows are giving your photos too sharp a contrast, try setting up a reflector. This can be a piece of white cardboard or paper placed on either side of your subject, and the results are instant! The light in your photos will soften and hit all the right places. Remember, it’s always better to start with bright light and diffuse from there than begin in harsh shadow. 

So next time you’re trying to capture that perfect pic, use these simple tips for the best lighting. For more advice on how to take photos of jewellery, stay tuned! 


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