More Than Just a Necklace - The Perfect Personalised Gift

Jewellery is a go-to gift for any holiday or special occasion and the best way to show someone how much you adore them. Customising a necklace puts a personal touch on your special gift this holiday season.

Why Gift Customised Jewellery

Anyone can give a necklace as a gift. Choosing a personalised necklace shows your loved one how much they mean to you, and takes jewellery to the next level! A personalised Christmas gift will get you all kinds of brownie points this holiday season, and make your friend, partner, or family member feel more special than ever. And isn’t that the point of gift giving?

Kinds of Personalised Necklaces

Two main types of personalised necklaces are birthstone and birth flower necklaces. These are specific to your loved one's birth month and represent their best qualities. Plus, they can be customised to include multiple pendants and types of flowers or stones that the person adores.

Who to Give Personalised Necklaces To

Wondering who in your life would enjoy a personalised necklace? Necklaces are a wonderful gift to give your romantic partner to show them that you see their inner and outer beauty. Discover your loved one’s birthstone and birth flower. Then give someone both their birthstone and yours so they keep you close to their heart, or a necklace with the birth flowers of all their children to represent the different petals that make up the family flower. Memorial jewellery is a great way to honor those who are no longer with us, so you can select a pendant that represents someone who you want to remember. Personalised jewellery makes a great Christmas gift, Mother's Day token of love, or celebration of any special occasion.

Our Custom Birth Flower and Birthstone Necklaces

With our latest range of customisable necklaces, you can mix and match pendants that represent birth stones or flowers. Each pendant is a gorgeous mix of silver, 18 karat gold, or rose gold plated sterling silver. Either select a personalised necklace as is or choose to customise it yourself, combining pendants with a chain that suits your loved one. These necklaces are stylish, versatile, and meaningful. As an added bonus, each necklace comes in a gift box along with a card that explains the symbolism behind the chosen stones or flower petals. These are more than just necklaces, they’re the perfect personalised gift! 


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