Nature Inspired Jewellery - benefits of nature

Nature inspired jewellery

Nature Inspired Jewellery - benefits of nature

Research has shown that spending a bit of time in nature can quickly work to reduce your stress.  We all need this at the moment, right?  Reducing stress will have a positive influence on your health.

Whatever you see, touch, hear or otherwise experience at any given time can influence your mood and even how your immune, nervous and endocrine systems are working. 

Research has also shown that being in nature is one way to help change that. More than two-thirds of people take to nature to relieve their stresses from day to day and to help boost their moods. 

But what happens when you can't constantly go outdoors to soak in the greenery? You can instead bring some of that nature with you by listening to a nature mediation on your smartphone. Or by looking out the window at some trees or flowers. 

You can also surround yourself with flowers, fresh flowers, dried flowers or nature-inspired jewellery. Glancing down at the rose flower ring you are wearing can instantly transport you back to the flower garden, well in your mind at least! 

Silver rose flower ring


Reduce Feelings of Stress

When you see or touch nature, you can reduce feelings of not just stress but also fear and anger.  Recharge the batteries. Wiping the slate clean for another day.  Keeping a piece of botanical jewellery or nature-inspired jewellery on hand can help bring about these sorts of feelings as well. 

Being able to spend time outdoors in nature is so important for mental health.  How might this translate to what you could experience by wearing pressed flower jewellery, such as a rose necklace or a daisy flower necklace?  

Silver daisy and rose flower necklace


These items have been cast in silver from flowers that have been collected, pressed and dried from an English Garden. They provide a physical connection to flowers, the luxuriously textured petals. Run your fingers over the petal textures and start to feel a little more relaxed.

Nature helps you cope better

Nature can help you cope with various types of pain, from emotional anguish to physical pain. Humans are naturally attracted to nature scenes that help to distract away from discomfort, and this, too, is something that has been studied and demonstrated by way of patients who had gallbladder surgery.

Half of them had a view of a wall as they recovered and the other half could see some trees. Those who were able to see the trees were better able to deal with the pain while those who spent their time looking only at the walls endured more negative effects.  

I know when I go to get my blood tests done, I shut my eyes and imagine I am walking through a meadow of flowers. It certainly helps me stay calm!

Enjoying nature

Ease anxious thoughts naturally

Nature is naturally restoring, too, with studies showing that after time spent outside, some people experienced a lift in their mood. They also experienced an easing of anxious or depressed thoughts, leaving them to feel more balanced and calm. Meaningfulness and overall vitality and well-being also seemed to be positively impacted.  

Beyond that, spending time viewing nature scenes, enjoying naturally inspired jewellery or being out in nature has also been shown to increase one's ability to focus and pay attention. Since humans naturally find nature to be interesting, it is easier to naturally focus on the sights that are all around. In so doing, it may also help calm overactive minds and leave one feeling refreshed. Children with ADHD who spend time in nature tend to have a better attention span later on, too. 

Hooray! Let’s hear it for nature!


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