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Pressed Flower jewellery

 Flower Jewellery

Wearing jewellery is a method of self-expression. This is especially true when it comes to floral jewellery. 

A rose necklace,  daisy flower earrings and a hydrangea flower ring speak of beauty and passion, luscious textures, and conjures up images of long romantic walks in the garden.  Calming tea breaks out in the garden with bees buzzing by in the beautiful blooms.


Pressed flowers sorting out for making jewellery

When accessorising your outfit with a delicate rose necklace, a dainty daisy floral ring and dangling flower earrings, you are telling a story about who you are at heart.  That nature and flowers are an essential part of your day.

Mother nature’s artistic works of art meet the elegance of silver and 24-carat gold jewellery.  Forming the perfect intersection between self-expression of beauty and splendid displays of blooms.  The jewellery we create from pressed flowers is created with romance, sensuality and beauty in mind. The garden is a sanctuary.  Enjoy, relax and feel instantly calmer.

Pressed flowers seem to capture those moments in time — they can be reminders of a romantic night out that begins with a bouquet presented at the door and ends with rose petals in the bath.  Or a sweet gift of a single rose to show someone was thinking of you.


collecting daisies

Pressed Flower Jewellery

In our pressed flowers collection, you'll find jewellery made from real flowers, giving you an eternal way to accessorise and dress with wearable art pieces that you'll love to show off. Each one features fine details of imprinted petals making them as unique as the flowers they are made from. 

During these strange and difficult times, we have spent much of the last year cooped up indoors instead of out in the wild. Wear botanical jewellery, and keep a piece of nature close at all times. I know it helps me to feel more relaxed and calm to be surrounded by flowers.

Real Flower Earrings

Real flower jewellery is timeless both in appearance and in durability. It will continue to be a part of your wardrobe for years to come. 

You can always have sweet daisy earrings or a dainty daisy necklace with you wherever you go.   Just touching the pressed flower jewellery can whisk you away from a busy office setting or morning commute and out into a gorgeous botanical garden teeming with life, giving you some much-needed mental reprieve from the difficulties of everyday life.

 Aaaahhhh, bliss and calm.

 Pressed flower rose ring silver gold

One of my favourite flowers would be the rose. Such a beautiful flower - symbolising love and romance.  The rose can symbolise love and romance but also grace and joy.  My rose necklace is great for making a statement and also available in matching flower ring set.  Also available in oxidised finishes which highlights the 24 carat gold details.


Large rose ring silver made from pressed flower

real flower earrings uk

Sterling silver jewellery handcrafted with real pressed daisies. My handmade silver daisy flower earrings are one of my most popular designs. Daisies are perfect for the young and young at heart.

Daisy earrings pressed flowers silver gold

 Daisy ring pressed flowers

Real flower jewellery takes me to a magical and calm retreat, respite from the busy world. Holding my pressed flower necklace or twisting my floral ring I can escape to visions of heavily planted flower beds, heaving with butterflies and bees, a hive of activity. A kaleidoscope of colour and sweet floral perfume delight my senses.

Pressed flowers - calming

 Floral jewellery - pressed flower jewellery made from flowers UK




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