Roses - their meanings and what they symbolise

What is the meaning of a rose?

Few things are more romantic than receiving roses.  Iit is a universal way to express one's love for another. Roses are most commonly associated with love and romance, but there are more ways to express yourself with roses that are not only confined to red roses. They also have a rich history that makes them even more interesting when given as a gift to someone you love.

In general, roses have plenty of cultural significance, especially in England, where it is the country's national flower. They represented two important families, the Yorks and the Lancasters, as well as the war between the two of them, known as the War of Roses. Famously, they also inspired the country's most famous playwright, William Shakespeare.

Red and white roses, war of the roses

The Ancient Romans and Greeks once associated the rose with their respective goddesses of love, Venus and Aphrodite. The flower has been used for centuries to send messages and convey certain things without words. In fact, there is a Latin expression, sub rosa or "under the rose," which means something is being told secretly and confidentially if there is a rose in front of a door or hanging from the ceiling. 

 Rose bush

Rose Meaning

The different colors of roses can send different messages depending on which one you choose. While red roses, as mentioned, often stand for love and romance, there are pink, orange, yellow, and white roses that can show more. Pink roses are thought to symbolize joy, admiration, grace and gratitude, while orange roses are symbolic of passion and enthusiasm. White roses are famously thought to symbolize purity and innocence, while yellow roses are symbolic of friendship. 

Pink and peach roses


Roses get even more specific than that when you consider what the number of them means when giving them to someone. Giving one rose is said to symbolize love at first sight, while two roses stand for deeply shared love. Three roses indicate that you love someone, while double that can ask another to be yours. When you give seven roses, you are telling someone you're infatuated with them, while nine symbolizes eternal love and ten is simply a nice gesture to say you find them to be perfect. 


Romantic roses


Roses are also the official June Birth Flower, making them a truly thoughtful gift for someone who was born in the height of summer. With June in mind, roses are considered to be National Rose Month, which rather appropriately lines up with the fact that June is also the month most commonly associated with weddings. 


June birth flower, the Rose


If you have a 15th anniversary coming up, roses are also the flower marking that year, which, too, makes them a more appropriate gift than usual. View our rose necklace from our pressed flower jewellery range.


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