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We were recently featured in METRO's The Hot List on the 13th May 2021.

We are super happy to have been mentioned by Metro in their feature for the latest beauty and fashion news.  Here is a link to the article featuring our beautiful rose necklace. 

Pressed Flower Necklace

Our Blossom Pressed Flower Necklace looks great on the page next to Margo Robbie!  Price £155

It is from our Pressed Flower Jewellery range.   Flowers that I have collected, pressed and dried before being cast in sterling silver.  

Mix and match, layer up your jewellery with our flower earrings, a flower ring or two.  Flowers are always in fashion, give your wardrobe a floral edit.

You don’t have to be in a luscious rose garden to be in zen mode.  With our stunning range of floral jewellery, you will bring blissful floral vibes wherever you go.



Blossom Pressed Flower Necklace

Louisa Russell Pressed Flower Necklace


Blossom Necklace Louisa Russell Jewellery

Flower Jewellery

Floral jewellery can take you to a magical and calm retreat, respite from the busy world. Escape to visions of heavily planted flower beds, heaving with butterflies and bees, a hive of activity. A kaleidoscope of colour and sweet floral perfume delight the senses.

Touching a necklace made of real flowers or twisting a flower ring can help you to reconnect with nature.  

For a floral edit, add pressed flower jewellery to your wardrobe.  Our luxurious finely imprinted jewellery is all about touchable textures.  One touch and you will be transported to a beautiful flower garden with bees buzzing by.

Hypothetically of course!


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