What does 18ct Gold Plated Jewelry mean?

What is 18ct gold plated jewelry

 What is gold plating?

As shoppers we just love to purchase and wear gorgeous pieces of jewellery that set of our outfit or compliment our hair or eye colour. Sometimes the lovely warm tones of gold really make us feel like a million dollars!  

One of the most popular pieces of jewelry that both men and women purchase and wear on a daily basis is 18ct gold plated jewelry. This choice of jewelry finish is a fabulous one, as gold plating means that the jewellery is incredibly affordable for many people.

Many individuals that try to buy gold jewelry get quite confused on what kind of jewelry they are actually buying and wearing.

We are here to directly explain to you what 18CT gold plated jewelry means and why it is extremely popular amongst jewelry wearers everywhere!  Lets get started!


18ct Gold Plated Meaning?

When you go to purchase a gold plated piece of jewelry and see that it is marked as 18CT gold, you are probably wondering what exactly that means. Well, we’re here to tell you!

First off, gold plated jewelry isn’t actually made of gold. The metal that is actually used is usually either copper or silver, which is much more affordable to utilize than actual gold. 

Here at Louisa Russell our jewellery is created using 925 sterling silver.  Cheaper jewellery can be made with copper or brass and then gold plated.

Jewelry creators will then use specific chemicals or electrical energy to deposit a thin layer of gold over the original base metal that was used to construct the actual piece of jewelry.


 What does 18ct gold jewellery mean


So we bet you’re still wondering “Well, what makes this kind of gold jewelry 18CT?”

The answer is that the name 18CT gold plated jewelry is just a label for the particular piece of jewelry, indicating how much pure gold was used to make the piece.

So when you decide to purchase an 18CT gold plated necklace it means that the layer of gold that is covering the entire piece of jewelry contains 75% of pure gold. In short, there is real gold utilized on an 18CT piece of gold jewelry, however it is only an extremely thin layer of it. 

To be labelled gold plated, the gold layer should measure at least 0.5 microns (a micron is one millionth of a metre). The thicker the gold layer, the longer it maintains its finish. However, many jewellery companies are usually plating only with 0.5 microns.  Here at Louisa Russell Jewellery we plate our jewellery with at least 1.0 to 2.0 mm 18ct gold thickness.


Purchasing 18CT Gold Plated Jewellery: Is It Worth Buying?

 18ct gold jewellery

When your are deciding to buy a piece of jewelry, you may become weary of purchasing a piece of jewelry that isn’t entirely made out of gold and is only plated with gold. But to be made solidly of 18ct gold the jewellery would come with a very big price tag, for many this is out of our budget.

Gold plating is a win/win!

If you are looking for an incredibly affordable piece of gold jewelry and love to wear gold jewelry, then purchasing a piece of 18CT gold plated jewelry is definitely for you!

The absolute best thing about 18CT gold plated jewelry pieces is that they give off the impression of wholesome extravagance, allowing you to look and feel as amazing as your new jewelry pieces shine and sparkle.

Gold plated pieces are made from incredibly durable materials making these pieces of jewelry the best choice for your friends and loved ones who are planning on wearing the pieces for years to come. 


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