What does a Daisy mean?

Daisy meaning


Daisy Meaning and Symbolism

Flowers are beautiful things to give and to receive, especially daisies.  Have you ever wondered what the daisy symbolises?  What does the daisy stand for?

Daisies can mean several different things depending on the context and what you choose for it to mean to you, and here we’re going to be looking at the top 2 meanings of daisies. So read on my friend!


Innocence and Purity

Daisies have historically represented things that are pure and innocent, a child-like and gentle flower. 

In the Christian religion, the daisy is meant to symbolize the purity of the Virgin Mary because of its innocence and meaning of humility. The name of the flower comes from an Old English term, “Day’s Eye” which was then shortened down to “Daisy.”

Known for looking like an eye and closing at night to open again in the morning, this is the origin of the term “fresh as a daisy” because they are fresh, new and pure in the morning. Amazing huh?


Feeling fresh as a daisy

In Norse mythology, this story is upheld by the fact that the daisy represents a love goddess, Freya, and the surrounding values such as fertility and motherhood.  


 Beautiful daisy flowers


Daisies stand for True Love

Daisies are really two flowers blended into one, meaning that they represent harmony and the balance and blend of two individuals coming together. A sweet example of two people meant to be together.

Daisies are composite flowers, the inner section is called a disc floret, and the outer petal section is called a ray floret.

Additionally, Daisies are the traditional “he loves me, he loves me not…” flowers, showing that they are truly the flower of determination of love.  


 He loves me, he loves me not

Daisies are a symbol of many things such as innocence, motherhood, hope, and new beginnings.   

The daisy is also the birth flower of April.  Read more about the April birthflower here.

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