What is My Birthstone?

What is my birth stone?

What is My Birthstone?

Much like Zodiac signs or birth flowers, birthstones are symbols of different qualities for each birth month. Knowing someone’s birthstone gives you the opportunity for many personalized and meaningful gifts!

Keep reading to find out your birthstone and what it symbolizes.


What is the history of birthstones?

Birthstones are traditional gems that date back to Biblical times. Historians have connected the twelve birthstones to the twelve stones on Aaron’s Plate in the Book of Exodus.

It wasn’t until the early 20th century, though, that an official list of birthstones by month came out. Since then, people have believed that each stone represents different qualities and powers associated with the birth month.

Birthstones are said to have healing abilities and come with their own superstitions. These are highlighted below!

Birthstone necklaces and any kind of birthstone jewellery are the most traditional gifts and representations of these stones.


Birthstones by Month

Click on the headings below to read more on your birth month.

January Birthstone:

What is January Birthstone

Garnet is the stone for the month of January. The name of this stone is thought to come from the Latin word for ‘seedlike,’ since its typical deep red colour looks like that of pomegranate seeds. Garnets seem to give off light, leading people to use them as protection.

All those driven, independent January babies may wear garnet jewellery for security while travelling!  Click here to read more about the January Birthstone.


February Birthstone:

What is February Birth Stone

Those born in February may be drawn to Amethyst. This bright purple variety of quartz is often associated with the Greek god Dionysus because of its wine-like colour. For that reason, it was worn by royalty to ward off drunkenness.

Since those born in February are thought to be clever, clear-headed, and positive, Amethysts are a symbol of tranquillity and clarity.  Click here to read more about the February Birthstone.


March Birthstone:

What is March Birth Stone

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March. These gorgeous blue stones bring to mind clear skies and calm water, making them a great gift for anyone heading on an ocean-related journey!

This is fitting for March babies, as they are known to bring calm to those around them and focus on healthy communication and fairness. An aquamarine birthstone gift is sure to bring about peace and calm.  Click here to read more about the March Birthstone.


April Birthstone:

What is April Birth Stone

Crystal matches those born in April. Since clear crystal quartz is known for being strong and resistant to scratches, it is a perfect birthstone for this month.

Those born in April are known for their strength and determination. Remind April babies of their inner strength with crystal quartz jewellery!  Click here to read more about the April Birthstone.


May Birthstone:

What is May Birth Stone

The birthstone for May is Emerald. These deep green stones bring to mind all things royalty and beauty. Emeralds represent wisdom, growth, and renewal. If you’re lucky enough to meet someone born in May, you’ll have a friend for life!

May babies are full of compassion and deep love. Wear an emerald necklace to bring grace into new beginnings.  Click here to read more about the May Birthstone.


June Birthstone:

What is June Birth Stone

Moonstone is a good omen for those born in June. These pearly-white stones give off a special glow. Since those born in June often have a strong intuition, sacred moonstones are a good match.

A June birthstone necklace will bring someone prosperity and balance.  Click here to read more about the June Birthstone.


July Birthstone:

What is July Birth Stone

The birthstone for July is Ruby. Since rubies have the ability to store light and release it later, they have always been thought of as magic. These red stones were once worn only by royalty and now stand for protection, passion, and love.

Perfect gifts for July babies who are feisty and full of passion!  Click here to read more about the July Birthstone.


August Birthstone:

What is August Birth Stone

August birthdays will be drawn to Peridot. These light green stones give off unique energy, much like those born in August! Peridot was treasured by the ancient Egyptians and Europeans in the Middle Ages.

Give someone an August birthstone necklace to remind them of the light they bring into the world.  Click here to read more about the August Birthstone.


September Birthstone:

what is my birthstone

Sapphire dazzles for the month of September. These traditionally blue stones have a mysterious sparkle. As a symbol of wisdom, Sapphires are perfect for the quiet calm of September babies.  Click here to read more about the September Birthstone.


October Birthstone:

What is October Birth Stone

October birthdays are represented by Rose Quartz. This soft pink stone has a gentle energy and represents love, beauty, and healing.

Give a rose quartz necklace to someone born in October to remind them to always seek beauty in the world around them!  Click here to read more about the October Birthstone.


November Birthstone:

What is Novermber Birth Stone

November’s birthstone is Citrine. This golden-brown stone is one of the most rare kinds of quartz found in nature. Citrine is thought of as having a calming and healing effect.

November babies are thought to be really lucky, give them a citrine birthstone necklace for extra prosperity!  Click here to read more about the November Birthstone.

December Birthstone:

What is December Birth Stone

Turquoise is the birthstone of those born in December. These blue-green stones are known to attract love and calm the mind of whoever carries them. Since those born in December are often honest, wise, and goal-oriented, turquoise is a perfect match.

A turquoise birthstone necklace will attract only the best!  Click here to read more about the December Birthstone.


What does my birthstone mean for me?

Identifying your birthstone is a fun way to learn more about the qualities associated with the month you were born. Sometimes they may match your best characteristics, sometimes you may want to bring out more of those qualities in yourself!

However you identify with your birthstone, surround yourself with its power by wearing a birthstone necklace.  Any kind of birthstone jewellery makes for a personalized and meaningful gift.

Keeping your birthstone around may just bring you the love and protection you crave.

 Click here to see our Birth Stone Chart.  Click here to read about Birthflowers.


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