Why does my jewelry tarnish?

Why does my silver jewellery tarnish?

Much like with anything else you cherish, you want to take good care of your jewellery.  Keep it looking in top shape and prevent jewelry tarnish.  Over time, when you notice that your jewellery is starting to tarnish and has lost its shine, you may feel at a loss as to how it happened and what you can do to stop it. That is where this article will help.

You've just received your beautiful pressed flower jewellery . You want to keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible. Understandable.  There are some things you should know about what causes your jewellery to tarnish quickly. Read on so you can avoid exposing your jewellery to those risk factors and keep your jewelry shiny and new.

Avoiding Jewelry Tarnish

For starters, if you wear your jewellery while using skin and hair products and they get on the jewellery, the ingredients in them can cause a reaction.  This can trigger discolouration, tarnishing and even corrosion. It is advised to apply your scents and cosmetics before you put on your jewellery. This simple step will go along way to prevent tarnished jewelry.

Spray perfume before putting on your jewellery

You should also take your jewellery off before you decide to exercise. Whether your physical activity comes in the form of training at the gym or just gardening in the sun.  By taking it off beforehand may help reduce the chance of tarnishing by limiting its exposure to perspiration. 

Exercise without jewellery


Certain chemicals that are found in swimming pools and natural bodies of water can cause intense tarnishing. Water, in general, may also contribute to the tarnishing of your favourite pieces. Because of this, you should always take off your jewellery before you get in a shower, pool, spring or even the ocean.


Jewellery Storage

Storage can also play a big role in causing tarnishing. It is recommended that you store your jewellery in a ziplock bag to limit exposure to the air, which can cause tarnishing with time. Ziplock bags will help keep the jewellery from tarnishing quickly, thanks to the seal the zip lock creates.  You can also purchase little strips or cards that prevent the jewellery from tarnishing. These anti-tarnish strips protect the metal from tarnishing by absorbing sulphides and other pollutants in the air.


Take care not to store your jewellery near windowsills, in the bathroom or next to a heat vent, as hot or damp conditions may also cause tarnishing. 


Cleaning the jewellery properly is just as important. This is especially true if your jewellery has any gemstones or pearls. You can use an old soft toothbrush with warm soapy water.

Wash jewellery with warm soapy water and a toothbrush

Jewellery Cleaning

Dry with a soft cloth or a cloth specifically made for cleaning jewellery like this one . These cloths are cleverly impregnated with anti tarnish agents, preserving your jewellery and keeping them looking like new.  Don’t wash these cloths though, you can use them over and over again. They are designed to last and solve the problem of jewelry tarnish.

If you want to clean up your own jewellery, it is recommended to use a silver dip solution Goddard is a good brand, see here.   After cleaning jewellery with this method, it is important to clean it again using warm, soapy water as well as a toothbrush.

Jewellery with 24ct gold detailing may also benefit from using the warm, soapy water and toothbrush method, or the specialist silver dip product.
These are several things that you can do to help prevent and reduce the tarnishing of your jewellery.  

To keep your flower jewellery looking as good as new over time, follow these simple guidelines to protect your favourite pieces.


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