Why I’m supporting small business this Christmas

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With the UK in lockdown, most of the country is turning to buy their Christmas gifts online.

As a small business owner, it's not been the easiest of years. I am very grateful for my customers support, it has made a huge difference,so a big thankyou  ❤

Now is the time more than ever to support small independent business. It has been a pretty tough year due to the coronavirus.  You can help independant brands by ‘shopping small’

When shopping this year, customers are more likely to be considering where their gifts have come from and how are they made as well as usual considerations like convenience of purchase. 

Giving gifts that are handcrafted by artisans are always sure to delight much.

I’m just about to start my Christmas shopping…

Some of the fabulous independent brand gift ideas I have on my list include below, in no particular order.



1. Love Stories - 100% Cashmere Scarf - Cerise by Eponymous £145






3.Floral Silk Modal Scarf Champagne Magic Blooms at Midnight available from Helen Loveday


4.YUNA BODYSUIT by Studio Pia  £518





5. GOLDEN GAL Solid Silver Brooch by Arnelle Woker 



6. LOVE TAILORED SILK SHIRT from Sophie Darling £180



7. Custom Pet Portrait from £125  from Nicky Chadwick Art




8. GEORGIA VEGAN HANDBAG £85 by Story 81 



9. Daisy earrings from Louisa Russell £60

Pressed flower earrings daisy



10. Face Mask Set: Geometric Rose & Pine Green from Asmuss £25






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