Birth Flower for March

Ever since the 18th century, flowers have been assigned to each month and called “birth flowers.”

According to the language of flowers, also known as floriography, each birth flower carries its own meaning.

Just like birthstones, each month has one or two flowers associated with it. March is represented by two lovely flowers: daffodils and jonquils.

What is the March Birthflower?

Daffodil - Birth Flower March

While daffodils and jonquils look similar, they are not the same. Daffodils are one of the most recognisable flowers in spring.

They are also widely known for their bright white and yellow petals. As daffodils are usually the first flowers to bloom after winter, they signify the start of spring and new beginnings. Hooray!

In China, daffodils symbolise prosperity as they tend to blossom around Chinese New Year.

Daffodils stand for faithfulness in Wales, where they are the national flower. They also symbolise the expression of deep love.

Popular Spring Blooms

Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, are popular spring-blooming bulbs native to Europe and North Africa. They belong to the Amaryllidaceae family and are characterized by their trumpet-shaped flowers and long, thin leaves. The flowers come in a range of colors including yellow, white, and orange, and they often have a sweet fragrance.

Daffodils are popular for their hardiness, ease of cultivation, and low maintenance requirements. They can be planted in the fall and will bloom in the spring, returning year after year. They prefer well-drained soil and full sun or partial shade, and can be grown in a variety of climates.

Overall, daffodils are a versatile and beloved plant that bring color, fragrance, and joy to gardens around the world.


The Meaning and Symbolism of the Daffodil

The daffodil is the birth flower for the month of March, symbolizing renewal, hope, and happiness. Its bright yellow color is associated with the arrival of spring and the end of winter, and the shape of the flower has been likened to a sunny smile.

In Victorian times, the daffodil was seen as a symbol of unrequited love. Today, however, the daffodil is more commonly associated with hope and renewal, especially in the context of the fight against cancer. The daffodil is the symbol of the American Cancer Society's "Daffodil Days" campaign, which raises money for cancer research and treatment.

For those born in March, the daffodil can be a symbol of their unique personality and characteristics. People born in this month are often said to be optimistic, enthusiastic, and confident, and the daffodil is a fitting symbol for these qualities.

The daffodil is a powerful symbol of hope, renewal, and happiness, and is an especially fitting birth flower for those born in the month of March. Whether given as a gift, used to commemorate a loved one, or simply appreciated for its beauty, the daffodil is a cherished and beloved symbol of spring.

Our dainty March birthflower necklace features a daffodil petal pendant and aquamarine birthstone.  

The daffodil is the March birthflower and symbolises happiness, new beginnings and friendships.

March Birth Flower

March Birthflower - Jonquil

Jonquils are a cheerful bright yellow, and their appearance signifies the start of spring! This flower is native to Southern Europe and North-Eastern Africa. It stands for desire and bliss.


Symbolism of March BirthFlower

In many cultures, the Jonquil is also associated with love and affection. It is said to represent the early stages of love, when feelings are new and intense, and is sometimes given as a gesture of love or affection. In some cultures, the Jonquil is also used to express sympathy or to commemorate the passing of a loved one.

For those born in the spring, the Jonquil may also be a symbol of their unique personality and characteristics. People born during this time are often said to be optimistic, enthusiastic, and confident, and the delicate beauty of the Jonquil can reflect these qualities.

The Jonquil Flower

The Jonquil is a compact plant, with long, narrow leaves and clusters of small, fragrant flowers that are usually yellow or white with a yellow cup-shaped center. Unlike the traditional daffodil, the Jonquil typically has several flowers per stem, giving it a more delicate appearance.

The Jonquil is prized for its sweet fragrance and its ability to naturalize, or spread, in the garden. It is often used as a ground cover in woodland gardens and can also be grown in pots or containers for indoor or patio use.

Birth Flower of March Gift Ideas

Do flowers bring someone in your life a special kind of joy, or do you know someone who loves daffodils? Surprise them with a birth flower gift that brings a smile to their face!

Whether for a birthday, special occasion or a rainy day, flowers always make a thoughtful gift.

Our birth flower collection features gorgeous pendants that have been created from flowers. Silver flower petals keep their texture and are a chic addition to a matching March birthstone pendant. A most joyous spring gift!


Birth Flower of the month and their meaning

Birthflower Chart - Birth Flower by Month

Click on the months below to read more about birthflowers.

Month Flower Meaning and Symbolism
January Birthflower
The carnation symbolises love and affection. The snow drop means hope, innocence and purity.
February Birthflower Primrose mean young love and vitality.  Violets symbolise loyalty and faithfulness.
March Birthflower The daffodil (also the jonquil) symbolises happiness, friendships and new beginnings.
April Birthflower A daisy symbolises purity, innocence and true love. Sweet Pea's mean blissful pleasure
May Birthflower The Lily-of-the-valley symbolises humility and sweetness. The hawthorn flower is a sign of hope and happiness.
June Birthflower The rose means passion and love.  Honeysuckle symbolises everlasting love.
July Birthflower Larkspur symbolises an open heart and positivity.  The lotus/water lily is deeply spiritual and stands for purity and patience.
August Birthflower Gladiolus symbolises strength of character.  The poppy means remembrance, happiness and success.
September Birthflower The Aster has a meaning of wisdom, faith and powerful love.
October Birthflower The marigold is associated with creativity and passion. Marigolds can also symbolise grief and despair over losing a loved one. Cosmos mean peace and harmony.
November Birthflower The chrysanthemum stands for love and loyalty.
December Birthflower Narcissus symbolise hope and wealth.  Holly represents happiness & protection.


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