Birth Flower for November

Birth flowers are blossoms that are associated with each month of the year, and first were established in the 18th century.

These birth flowers are part of the language of flowers, known as floriography. Just like birthstones, birth flowers represent various meanings and characteristics that also apply to those born in the month.

While each month typically has two birth flowers, November only has one: the chrysanthemum.

What is the November Birthflower?

November Birthflower - Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China in the 15th century BC. There they were used as a remedy for headaches and inflammation.

Today, chrysanthemums are popular around the world and known for being bright and cheerful flowers. The National Chrysanthemum Society in America has come up with a classification system that lists different shapes of this flower, including spoon, spider, quilled, and pompom. How fun is that?

Popular Showy Blooms

Chrysanthemum, also known as "mums" or "chrysanths," is a popular and widely cultivated flower that is prized for its showy blooms and long blooming period. Chrysanthemums are native to Asia and are now widely grown throughout the world.

The flowers are available in a wide range of colors, including white, yellow, red, pink, and purple, and come in a variety of shapes, including single, semi-double, and fully double blooms. Chrysanthemums are a popular choice for cut flower arrangements and garden beds, and are also used in the creation of dried flower arrangements.

The plant itself is bushy and can grow to be several feet tall, with large, dark green leaves. The flowers are typically produced in late fall and early winter, making it a valuable addition to any garden. With their long blooming period and showy blooms, chrysanthemums are a popular choice for gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike.

Novmeber Birthflowres

Meaning and Symbolism of the Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum is the November birthflower and is commonly associated with several symbolic meanings, including:

  • Happiness and joy: In many cultures, chrysanthemums are considered to bring happiness and joy to those who receive or wear them.
  • Longevity: In China, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of longevity and is often associated with a long, healthy life.
  • Friendship and love: Chrysanthemums are also seen as a symbol of friendship and love, and are often given to friends and loved ones as a symbol of affection.
  • Respect and honor: In some cultures, chrysanthemums are used as a symbol of respect and honor, particularly for those who have passed away.

Overall, the chrysanthemum is a versatile and meaningful symbol, representing different things to different people, but most commonly happiness, longevity, friendship and love.

Embrace your connection to flowers with this gorgeous November birthflower necklace. 

Perfect for wearing the birth month of someone important to you or your own month.

Birth Flower of November Gift Ideas

Our birth flower necklaces can be a thoughtful way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Each month has its unique birth flower necklace made from a real petal of the birth flower that is then cast in silver and matched with a birthstone pendant.  The November birthstone is citrine.

Perfect for November babies or flower lovers alike!


Birth Flower of the month and their meaning

Birthflower Chart - Birth Flower by Month

Click on the months below to read more about birthflowers.

Month Flower Meaning and Symbolism
January Birthflower
The carnation symbolises love and affection. The snow drop means hope, innocence and purity.
February Birthflower Primrose mean young love and vitality.  Violets symbolise loyalty and faithfulness.
March Birthflower The daffodil (also the jonquil) symbolises happiness, friendships and new beginnings.
April Birthflower A daisy symbolises purity, innocence and true love. Sweet Pea's mean blissful pleasure
May Birthflower The Lily-of-the-valley symbolises humility and sweetness. The hawthorn flower is a sign of hope and happiness.
June Birthflower The rose means passion and love.  Honeysuckle symbolises everlasting love.
July Birthflower Larkspur symbolises an open heart and positivity.  The lotus/water lily is deeply spiritual and stands for purity and patience.
August Birthflower Gladiolus symbolises strength of character.  The poppy means remembrance, happiness and success.
September Birthflower The Aster has a meaning of wisdom, faith and powerful love.
October Birthflower The marigold is associated with creativity and passion. Marigolds can also symbolise grief and despair over losing a loved one. Cosmos mean peace and harmony.
November Birthflower The chrysanthemum stands for love and loyalty.
December Birthflower Narcissus symbolise hope and wealth.  Holly represents happiness & protection.


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