My Inspiration as a Designer — Nature-Inspired Jewellery

inspiration for jewelry design

Where do I get inspiration from?

As a jewellery designer, I am inspired by everyday life such as nature, in particular. I have always been fascinated at how different plants and flowers have various textures and patterns. Isn’t it amazing to see what nature has to offer! 

Living on the outskirts of London, I love going on long walks in the countryside to get inspired. There is a sense of awe when spending time in nature, from feeling the long grass and flower stems along the flower meadow to watching flowers fall from trees. 

Walking amongst the flowers

Of course, we can experience this sense of awe from other things, such as watching the skyline of a city and scaling a building. But looking at nature is able to bring us a different sense of awe — one which is shared even by some animals. 

Seeking inspiration from nature

One of my favourite places to visit to get inspiration is the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Wisley Gardens. The RHS is known to be UK’s leading gardening charity, with an aim to make UK a greener place for all. 

A walk in Wisley Gardens


The Wisley Gardens offer various different flowers each month, from wisterias to peonies. There is so much to see in this garden! From wandering through the Orchard to catching a glimpse of the sunlight falling along the Camassia meadows, this garden brings peace and inspiration to all that visits. There is so much to see and so much to be inspired by when we are surrounded by nature. Not only that, but flowers also carry various symbols and meanings, such as a common daisy symbolising innocence and purity. This symbolism comes from an old legend in Norse Mythology where daisies are known as Freya’s sacred flower. 

The pressed flower jewellery collection is inspired by the beautiful nature around me, featuring luxuriously textured jewellery pieces that are sophisticated, elegant, and perfect for any event. Jewellery pieces in this collection features various flowers including roses, daisies and hydrangea.  

Inspired by flowers at RHS Wisley


These actual flowers are then metal cast in 24-carat gold and turned into silver jewellery, including necklaces, rings and more. With each piece made from an actual flower, you can connect with nature just by touching the piece of jewellery you a wearing.  

A rose flower necklace or a daisy floral ring.  Instantly transport yourself to a beautiful garden filled with gorgeous flowers. They are also a perfect gift for your loved ones, or why not treat yourself!

Daisy and rose silver necklace


Have a look at the various pieces in this collection — a piece may just evoke nostalgic memories for you. Roses from a first date,  the last time a loved one picked a sweet little daisy for you.   So next time, when you are surrounded by nature, stop and think of what it represents and take in the intricate beauty in front of you. And who knows, you might get inspired too. 


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